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STATEMENT: Dunedin City Council moves to purchase Foulden Maar

STATEMENT: Dunedin City Council moves to purchase Foulden Maar Save Foulden Maar is thrilled with today’s announcement from Dunedin City Council that it is moving to purchase Foulden Maar near Middlemarch. “We’re very pleased that DCC has listened to the overwhelming...

Plaman Resources withdraws OIO application

We are pleased that Plaman Resources have withdrawn their application with the Overseas Investment Office and believe it is another step towards protecting Foulden Maar in perpetuity.

UPDATE: Breaking news!

Plaman Resources, the foreign-owned company that wants to mine Foulden Maar, has gone into receivership and liquidation. This is great news for the campaign to Save Foulden Maar, but it doesn’t mean the fight is over yet.

EVENT: Foulden Maar: The Past & Future

Join Associate Professor Daphne Lee for a public talk about Foulden Maar and the pristine fossil and climate record it contains. This will be followed by a panel discussion on the future of Foulden Maar.

Opponents to Foulden Maar write open letter to Mayor Dave Cull

Opponents to a proposed diatomite mine at Foulden Maar near Middlemarch in Central Otago have written an open letter to Mayor Dave Cull asking that he immediately withdraw the Dunedin City Council ‘Letter of Support’ to the Overseas Investment Office (OIO) endorsing Plaman Resources’ application for approval to buy ‘sensitive land’.

UPDATE: Thank you for helping us to #SaveFouldenMaar

Just four days after launching, nearly 6,000 people have shown their support for our campaign. Together, we have sent a strong message about the importance of protecting this unique geological treasure from being mined by Plaman Resources for diatomite to feed intensively farmed animals and to use as a fertiliser on environmentally destructive palm plantations.

Can you help collect signatures for our petition?

Print our petition The more people who sign our petition, the stronger message we send that Foulden Maar deserves to be protected from being mined. Our petition is hosted on ActionStation's website, so please share the link with your friends and family. You can also...

REPORT: The Destruction of Foulden Maar

REPORT: The Destruction of Foulden Maar By Andrea Bosshard and Shane Loader Andrea and Shane have been working on the campaign to Save Foulden Maar for the past year. During this time, they have researched and written about the issue in detail to create this report,...